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wall_e_icons's Journal

WALL•E •• i c o n s (for you&me~)
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WALL•E icons!


Lorem ipsum WALL•E icons! Hello, & welcome to the community! I very much hope that people will join & introduce their wonderful icons from the amazing Disney Pixar movie, WALL•E. In case you're a little curious about the movie, it's basically about a robot (who is the last of its' kind) that gets left behind on the planet 700 years into the future. However, he's not the only one around when EVE arrives. That's where all the fun begins.

the rules!

o1. Please respect your fellow members.
o2. If posting more than three icons, please use a lj-cut.
o3. Please warn members of any spoilers in your post; there are plenty who have yet to see the movie & squeal about it!
o4. Mixed posts are allowed~
o5. Please, no advertising/pimping. If you'd like to become an affiliate, please post here!
o6. If you have any questions/concerns, please contact kasumisukimix by messaging. =)
o7. Have fun, guys! :333

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